The town of Nybro 2040 – Citizens participation

The municipality of Nybro is currently developing a new detailed comprehensive plan of the town of Nybro with the aim for the year 2040.

The people living or working in the town of Nybro are the most qualified of knowing the towns strengths, weaknesses and prospects of development. Your thoughts and opinions are essential for the municipality of Nybro! That’s why we need your help in answering our questionnaire. It only takes a few minutes and your answers are anonymous. You can only put one mark on the map at a time, but you can answer the questionnaire several times if you have several places of interest for improvement.

 Click here to enter the questionnaire

If you need the city districts map to answer the question ”Where do you live”, you need to change the language to ”standardspråk”

The questionnaire can be answered in swedish, english or arabic.

What happens next?

The results are presented in autumn at and will be essential in the work of the new comprehensive plan.

What is a detailed comprehensive plan?

A comprehensive plan is a strategy of how land, water and the built environment are to be used, developed and preserved. The plan applies to the whole municipality. A detailed comprehensive plan only applies to a specific geographical area, in this case the town of Nybro. It enables to in more detail describe the municipality’s objectives, preconditions and challenges in the town of Nybro.

 Here you can find more information about what’s included in the detailed comprehensive plan, read about the current detailed comprehensive plan, or find other comprehensive plans and detailed development plans of the municipality of Nybro.

Datum för publicering | skapad: 2020-06-30

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