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The town of Nybro 2040

The town of Nybro 2040

The municipality of Nybro is currently developing a new detailed comprehensive plan of the town of Nybro with the aim for the year 2040.

The people living or working in the town of Nybro are the most qualified of knowing the towns strengths, weaknesses and prospects of development. Your thoughts and opinions are essential for the municipality of Nybro! During the months of June to September, you as a citizen had the opportunity to speak your mind about what is good in Nybro and what could be changed. The survey results have now been summarised in a report which is available through the link below. The survey also contained a map where you were able to point out places that needed improvements. These places are now displayed in an interactive map, available through the link below.

Workshops with associations


Workshops with students

Interactive map Students

Report Students

Interactive map

What is a detailed comprehensive plan?
A comprehensive plan is a strategy of how land, water and the built environment are to be used, developed and preserved. The plan applies to the whole municipality. A detailed comprehensive plan only applies to a specific geographical area, in this case the town of Nybro. It enables to in more detail describe the municipality’s objectives, preconditions and challenges in the town of Nybro.

Here you can find more information about what’s included in the detailed comprehensive plan, read about the current detailed comprehensive plan, or find other comprehensive plans and detailed development plans of the municipality of Nybro.

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